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How We Do Business With You

Carolina Voice Overs Rate Card*

                                For Non            With                With
           Script        Commercial   Commercial     Broadcast
      Word Count        Usage           Rights             Rights

    1-100 Words   -     $65.00    -    $100.00    -    $135.00   
101-150 Words   -   $100.00    -    $135.00    -    $170.00
150-200 Words   -   $135.00    -    $170.00    -    $205.00
201-250 Words   -   $170.00    -    $205.00    -    $240.00
251-300 Words   -   $205.00    -    $240.00    -    $275.00
301-350 Words   -   $240.00    -    $275.00    -    $315.00
351-400 Words   -   $275.00    -    $310.00    -    $350.00
401-450 Words   -   $310.00    -    $380.00    -    $370.00
451-500 Words   -   $345.00    -    $420.00    -    $485.00
500-600 Words   -   $415.00    -    $485.00    -    $555.00

Other Add-On Services Available

Please Inquire for Exact Quote

These Items can be billed separately at the time

Carolina Voice Overs delivers your project files.

Script Proofreading- For grammar and proper English translation - $30.00 per 500 words

Voice Over to Video Sync $55.00 per minute

Music* and Sound Effects* Production - $30.00 per track 

*Music and Effects must be supplied by client 

Commercial Rights = $35 per 400 words
Broadcast  Rights  =  $70 per 400 words

Commercial Rights = VOs promoting the sale of services/goods in free media venue. (ie: Facebook posts)
Broadcast Rights = For VOs placed on paid media venue (Paid YouTube Ads, TV, Radio, etc.)

"Rights" and "Extras" will be billed by separate invoice just prior to project delivery.  Include any add-ons such as music/efx in your script and how the VO will be used (website, paid Internet placement, broadcast radio/TV, etc., along with any special instructions or email any questions or concerns to  Voice overs used on personal or company Facebook and websites do not require purchase of rights and may be used royalty-free with complete buyout.

Full production is also available at an additional charge. Client must supply music/effects from their royalty paid or royalty free library. Pricing based on number of cuts and tracks used in production.


Most voice over projects delivered within 48 hours.  Payment for voice overs can be made by credit card through PayPal.  Scripts may be emailed to  Completed voice over projects will be delivered by email or posted online for immediate download.  Satisfaction is guaranteed. Invoices for long-form projects will be emailed upon completion of project.  Prices include one (1) revision for copy changes or VO style direction; subsequent changes billed at 50% of the word count price and there is no additional charge for Commercial or Broadcast Rights after the initial purchase.


As a premium add-on, Carolina Voice Overs offers clients the option to listen in to recording sessions via phone patch or Skype.  These sessions are priced at four times the standard voice over rate with a minimum charge of $120.00.  This is due to the necessity of coordinating recording scheduling windows.  Carolina Voice Overs is able to maintain our low rates by allowing the voice over talent to determine when recordings to be produced.  

*Rates subject to change based on availability, seasonal demand and current bookings.

Prepay For Priority Service
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"Rights" and "Extras" billed by separate invoice prior to project delivery

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Paste script into the "Message" box and send.  

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